Feb 14, 2013

Relvent Material For CA Final May'13 Examination

>>ICAI has recently published and updated new Practice Manual for all the eight subjects of CA Final, which contains the comprehensive set of questions from each chapter. I advise you to refer all the practice manual for May'13 examination.


Download Link

>>Institute publish a "Supplementary Study Material for Direct and Indirect Tax Law" which contains all the amendments, circulars & notifications relevant for the examination along with examples.

It has been seen in the previous examinations that, there is a very high probability that those numeric examples given in supplementary study material for relevant 'amendments in finance act' and 'circulars & notification issued by CBDT and CBEC', comes in the exam held in May'13 as it is. So I recommend you personally to refer the Supplementary Study Paper 2012 for Direct Tax Law and Indirect Tax Law for examination to be held in May'13 and November'13.

Download the Supplementary Study Material from following links :

>>ICAI has issued "SELECT CASE LAWS FOR DIRECT TAX & INDIRECT TAX LAW" which are very important for the examination. In paper 7 and paper 8, it has been seen that almost 50-60 marks are covered from case laws from the institute publication. 
I highly recommend you to mug up all the case laws from institute's publication. Download the same from the following links.

Download Links: 

>>ICAI publish "REVISION TEST PAPERS" relevant for each examination. 

Please click on the following link to go to download RTP for each subject, relevant for May'13 Examination.

Download Link:


  1. Simplified Approach to Direct Tax Laws (For CA Final)

    Simplified Approach to Direct Tax Laws (For CA Final) by CA. T.G. Suresh

    The 11th edition of Simplified Approach to Direct Tax Laws covers the subject of income tax and wealth tax, presented in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand style. It is a must-have tool that would enable the students master the subject and gain expert knowledge.

    Key Features

    Applicable for the May 2013 exams and updated for Finance Act, 2012
    Solved questions of past exams based on provisions of current assessment year at the appropriate places
    Question paper to the November 2012 exam included
    Flowcharts and tables used throughout the book
    Concepts supported by worked examples
    Recent amendments and recent decisions covered in the appendix
    Key points provided for each topic discussed in a particular chapter
    Formulae and calculation methodologies given prominently

  2. can u provide any link so that i can download ca final materials at single strech