Feb 10, 2011

Applicability of services for May 2011 and November 2011 examinations !!

In respect of taxable services covered in the syllabus of Paper 8 : Indirect Tax Laws,students will be examined only in respect of the following taxable services:

1. Intellectual property services
2. Copyright services
3. Banking & other financial services
4. Asset management including portfolio management and all forms
    of fund management services
5. Clearing and forwarding services
6. Tour operator’s services
7. Port services by major ports and other ports
8. Airport services
9. Goods transport agency’s services
10. Transport of goods by air services
11. Transport of goods by rail services
12. Transport of air passengers service
13. Transport of coastal goods and goods through inland
      water including national waterways
14. Telecommunication services
15. Construction of commercial or industrial buildings or civil structures
16. Construction services in respect of residential complexes
17. Preferential location services

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>>>Taxable Services Applicable

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